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Anne Elaouiti

Takes researching, experiences and her listening skills to bring out a story waiting to be told

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Canadian Space Agency

A government website that was not motivational towards young space ethuscists searching for information on the Canadian Space Agency website. Making the site more space-themed might help to increase interest.

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10,000 Trees

Redesigned for responsiveness and overall user engagement by simplifying navigation and increasing the 'donate' call to action. This in hopes with increased social media presence would bring more awareness to the cause.

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Pandemic Health and Safety Information (PHSI)

This is your Product description. Write a short overview including important features, pricing and any other relevant info for a potential buyer. Consider adding an image or video that shows off your great-looking product and entices users to make a purchase.

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Anne is a designer particularly focused in research analysis, wireframing and prototyping. Anne enjoys solving user problems that challenge a products intended design. Critical thinking skills acquired from her passion of philosophy which lead her to a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, with a minor in Ethics, Law and Society from the University of Toronto.

Specializes in prototyping and research analysis, as she uses her philosophical critical thinking to find alternate solutions to user problems.

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Design Skills

Quality over Quantity


Research Analysis

Anne is skilled in research analysis, wireframing and prototyping, empathitic critical thinking skills, and FE development. She uses Figma, Photoshop, Github, CodePen, and Sublime Text.



Anne enjoys making ideas come to life through wireframing and prototyping. Figma is the primary tool used.


Empathic Critical Thinking

Anne uses her critical thinking to help her solve problems and her empathic thinking helps her connect to her users.

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