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10,000 Trees

Redesigned for responsiveness and overall user engagement by simplifying navigation and increasing the 'donate' call to action. This in hopes with increased social media presence would bring more awareness to the cause.

Product Designer—user research, design, prototyping, and user testing

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The Challenge

The 10,000 Trees non-profit organization works to restore the environmental damage of blank through planting trees. We were challenged to redesign the responsiveness of the site. We began by having a look at the existing site and taking note of what could be redesigned.

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Meet the Team

10,000 Trees: Team
Image by Agus Dietrich

Anita Esufali

Assistant Researcher & UI Designer

Image by Hudson Hintze

Dave Marseille

Head Researcher

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Anne Elaouiti

Team Leader & Head UI Designer


We started by doing research and user interviews to uncover the issues with the navigation and overall site.

We learned that users wanted an easy way to donate which help to influence our redesign.

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Affinity Diagram

Key points of how users felt during our user interviews

"It is nice to know about other people's experience volunteering for an organization so I can know what to expect and if the cause is really worth it"

"I want to know where my money (donation) is really going"

"The 10,000 Trees website is not very engaging"

"I get most of my information online now since the pandemic - so hearing about any volunteer opportunities would be online as well"

"Other NPOs who work for similar causes have a better online presence (ex. better website) so I would feel more inclined to participate with them instead."

"Since the pandemic, opportunities for volunteering are limited"

10,000 Trees: Experience

Design Process

We started by card sorting the navigation of the existing site while also creating a site map and user flow to map out the direction of the redesign.

Using this direction I created a mobile wireframe with a focus on making the navigation responsive and a focus on the donate button to motivate users to donate. We also created a style guide and tile to help direct the design decisions that would occur during the prototyping phase.

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Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 11.04.03
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User Testing

Armed with our wireframes we took them and conducted user testing to uncover the thoughts users had about the redesign. We learned that users found the site simple to navigate but pointed out that there was a lack of a way to communicate with the non-profit. Prior to this we had considered adding a chatbot but were undetermined at this time. However, as a result of the testing we found it was best to include the chatbot.

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of participants have heard of 10,000 Trees


Would be willing to donate to 10,000 Trees


of survey participants said the existing 10,000 Trees site is outdated

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After analyzing the results of the user testing, I took the feedback to create our high-fidelity prototype. My team decided to make the colour theme of the foundation more prominent and to also add a brown tone to indirectly incorporate the concept of trees.

We utilized A/B Testing to aid us in the final design decisions. This really helped us make the most important decision of the placement of the navigation bar.

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Final Product

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The End

There are portions of the existing website that can be improved to motivate users to donate in a time where volunteering is just not possible due to covid-19. Our goal was to show the potential of what could be done in hopes of increasing motivation and overall donations.

For the future, if 10,000 Trees focused on building a stronger social media presence this could help increase interest in the cause, as well as engagement in donations, and hopefully in the near future, volunteering rates.

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Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 5.51.18 PM.png

Canadian Space Agency

A project I learned a lot from

This was a failed project that focused on redesigning a government agency's website. Focus on navigation and uninspiring youth through design. See what I learned through the mistakes that I made in this project. We all learn from our mistakes.

10,000 Trees: Headliner
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